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There are many reasons to seek counselling and psychotherapy. You might be experiencing stress, feeling depressed, anxious, or low. Maybe a relationship issue is playing on your mind or you have not worked through past trauma or abuse. Whether the issue is from your past or present or you are worried about your future, talking about it and exploring what else is on your mind might help.

You can talk about things that may be causing you pain, discomfort, making you feel angry or unhappy. This is an opportunity to think and talk about yourself and your concerns in a way that you might often feel you cannot do with other people in your life. 

Ultimately, my aim is to create a haven where you are not judged.

I cannot tell you what to do and nor would I want too. I want to help alleviate your distress and help you feel empowered by understanding yourself and to feel strength in making your own decisions, taking control of your situation, and leading a happier life.

Services and Therapies Available

Psychodynamic Therapy

This therapy developed from psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapies. Psychodynamic therapy attempts to understand the reasons behind your distress and difficulties. With this approach, we would explore your childhood experiences, attachment relationships and how these might be impacting you and your life now and any anxieties you might have about the future. Your early experiences shape the way you would relate to people in present day. A lot of our way of being operates outside of our conscious awareness. We will work together so you gain insight and make links, to develop more self-awareness and understand yourself better.

My job is also to pay attention to your internal world, unconscious motives, and desires, to help bring these to surface to your conscious awareness, to help you resolve them and alleviate psychological distress. By the end of their treatment, my clients report to feeling stronger, more in control with greater insight and awareness. A wide range of issues can be worked through with psychodynamic therapy such as anxiety, addiction, depression, and relationship issues. If you have the capacity for self-reflection and want to learn more about yourself, this therapy could help.

From £80 per 50 minute session

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)​

This is a time limited, usually 16 weeks, Psychodynamic Therapy that has shown to successfully treat mood disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as relationship issues. This programme is great for those who are self-funding and limited to a set number of sessions.
Using DIT, we will identify a core repetitive pattern of relating from your childhood and how this might be present in the here and now, which might be contributing to your psychological distress. DIT is relationship focussed. People often find when their relationships are better and healthier, they feel better psychologically, therefore DIT encourages patients to make changes in relationships. DIT could help increase your capacity to understand yourself and others better. DIT is one of the therapies in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidelines for depression.

From £80 per 50 minute session

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) ​

I am also trained in Attachment Informed EMDR,  EMDR and Addictions, working with Parts with EMDR, Intergenerational Trauma, Dreams and FLASH technique.

Our body has a way of healing itself when injured. EMDR therapy states that the mind too self-heals over time, usually in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep where most of our dreaming takes place. Noticeably, our eyes dart left to right during this sleep stage. Usually we manage new information without being aware of it. However, if we were to experience some sort of trauma, our normal coping mechanisms might become overloaded, meaning the brain may not process the information like a “normal” memory. This could mean the distressing experience becomes “frozen” and unprocessed in our brain.

These unprocessed memories are stored in the limbic system of the brain in an emotional form rather than a verbal mode and are maintained in an isolated memory network associated with emotions and physical sensations. These memories are disconnected from the brain’s cortex where we use language to store memories and can be triggered by experiencing similar events. A person then might “re-experience” what they saw, felt, heard, smelt, or tasted. Sometimes my clients cannot remember the events but report painful feelings such as panic, anxiety, and anger.

By using bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements (similar to REM sleep), alternating tapping or audio stimulation, my job is to assist your self-healing by unblocking or unfreezing distressing images or trauma in your brain’s information processing system and bring these to an adaptive resolution. Other associated memories that need healing may heal at the same time. My clients report at the end of their treatment that EMDR has helped them to recall memories that were once disturbing with less intensity. They find that they can leave the trauma where it belongs, in their past and describe it now as a neutral memory.

EMDR is backed by vast research and as such is recommended by NICE guidelines as an effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is also used to treat a range of psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, physical pain, road traffic collisions, and abuse relief to name a few.

From £80 per 50 minute session

Clinical Supervision and Professional support ​

Having clinically supervised professionals for over 8 years from counsellors, psychotherapists and those in statutory services such as Police forces, I am experienced in understanding the demands of such roles, the impact the work may have on employees and helping to devise self-care plans and signpost where appropriate for additional support.

From £80 per 50 minute session

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

I am experienced in working with EAP’s, supporting employees with work related issues as well as any personal difficulties they could be experiencing. If you need support for your business and employees to help with work performance, management, stress, depression, anxiety, workplace issues such as bullying, disputes and general well-being, please contact me to discuss a suitable package.

Critical Incident Support

Critical and traumatic incidents can have significant impact on employees and your business.

Please contact me to discuss a bespoke package to help contain and manage the impact of trauma on your employees.

common questions

50 minutes per session

Yes, I am registered with the major insurance companies such as Axa and Aviva. Please check directly with your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

Most clients attend once a week. After a therapeutic relationship has been established, and the client has made progress, fortnightly sessions are an option.

Yes, unless there is a risk of harm to you, or someone else. I would discuss with you, where possible, if I ever have to break confidentiality.

You can use the contact form, email or call me.

From £80 a session for self funding clients. For insurance referrals, please check with your provider if you have to pay an excess fee.

I always encourage people to contact a few therapists, by email or call. By doing this, usually people are drawn to a particular therapist.

This is difficult to say, as we are all different, trying to work through different issues. We can discuss this during the initial assessment sessions. Some clients know how many sessions they can afford, in which case, we discuss together which issues we need to prioritise and aim to work on these within our timeframe.

I offer video sessions to reach a wider client base. For in person sessions, I have an office close to the City Centre on New Walk.